Coffee 1 ea. 9-11 oz. Bag + 1 ea. 6 ct. bag Chocolate Chip Oat Hazelnut Pistachio Cookies Gifts

Victorian Pantry

$ 19.30

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Gifts for corporate or family and friends.  ONE 9-11oz. bag of coffee and a 6 ct. bag of our popular Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Hazelnut / Pistachio Cookies. Dark coffee weighs less but at 9oz. takes up same volume as 11oz. medium roast.  Send flavored or unflavored selections medium and dark; a variety.  Great to send to a client or friends.  Great to have a cookie to go with the cup of hot coffee.

Ask us to customize your label free to show name or message or company logo or your picture or the picture of recipient.

Perfect for wedding favors, realtors, law firms, bankers, great way for an introduction to your next client.