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We provide full service catering.  Our recipes are our own, award-winning, flavorful, and fun.  We coordinate with you communication to explain menu options and brainstorm with you so that each event menu is tailored to the host's palate.  Your menu is personalized to you.  We coordinate food, equipment, and staff as needed and all of your options are itemized for clarity.  We prepare special menus for everything from lunch for two workers hosting their own garage sale and want the treat of food after their hard work, to private parties of 2 or more in your home or property you have arranged for.  We cater funerals, graduations, tailgates, anniversaries, meals for shut-ins, weddings, birthdays, gifts, thank-you meals, home-from-the-hospital-meals, new-baby-meals, special diets, private, corporate, all for delivery or pickup.  Items shown in this category are merely examples of menu ideas, ignore the buy option as we won't ship meat or perishables.  We do however ship all other items you see in other categories.