Costa Rican American Roast

Victorian Pantry

$ 11.50

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This is great as FCR but as American Roast it is wonderful and different noticeably.  This as American Roast is smooth and crisp, but not at all acidic...just crisp natural flavor.  This bean we have sold to a family for MANY years that go to visit an elder friend in Costa Rica; as a gift they take her a 5# bag of this once or twice a year and really at her request.  She and her husband used to own a coffee plantation in Costa Rica and when he died she sold it.  The agreement with the new owner was she could have all the coffee beans she wanted for free.  Instead, she asks this family to bring her our Costa Rican bean and she insists to them to pay for it, but they always gift it to her.  I can't think of a more flattering opinion of how she loves our coffee so well.