Rooibos Culinary Tea

Victorian Pantry

$ 6.50

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Dry tea rubs are a great way to season foods with an exciting background of flavor.  Utilize a tea rub also by brewing a small quantity as a marinade for selected dishes as well. Fun and aromatic on the grill, or saute'.  Splash the bottom of your pan with wine and roux to create wonderful pan juices to sauce your meal as well.  Rooibos Orange is a fantastic compliment to such recipes with Pork and Chicken, Lemon Tea Rub with Whitefish or Chicken, Rooibos with Beef, Apricot Mango with Pork, Chicken, or Salmon.  Also tea can be a great background flavor to incorporate in SOUP!  Try the Coffee Tea Rubs on your next steak; great with any beef entree'.