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It's Hot and suffocating Muggy....Iced Coffee time.

Many people will share how they don't like iced coffee.  They will go on to say it is too bitter or that it gets diluted by the ice.

If you start with a quality coffee and it is not roasted as a bitter end-result, then you have already won the war and it should not always have to be bitter as iced coffee.

Brew 2 pots of coffee and store in a pitcher for the refrigerator just as you would iced tea.  At the same time you brew, pour coffee into your ice cube trays.  Once frozen crack the ice cube tray and build up a large zip bag to have on hand

Give iced coffee a 2nd try.  It is invigorating during the day.  If you entertain, your guests will love a new thing to tray always.  Our favorites are our Walnut House Roast, Blueberry Hazelnut, Serious Breakfast Blend, and our African Silk Full City Roast.  All awesome, smooth, balanced.  You'll have to experiment with what hits your taste buds just right, but it'll be better than you remember re your last try if you stick with quality and smooth.

Now you can sip iced coffee that is chilled, and the ice cubes will not dilute.



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